“I’ve had the pleasure of ordering from you before, and I can’t thank you enough for continuing to be my go-to in sharing the love of Greek glyka! ~Joanna G, Sacramento CA, February 2018

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude again for your wonderful support and delicious sweets for my beloved brother’s funeral. The Greek sweets are absolutely delicious and everyone enjoyed them!” ~Maria M, Arlington VA, February 2018

“Simply the best.” ~Patricia D, Novato CA, May 2017

“Our Tsoureki Bread is wonderful; arrived in Jacksonville, FL soft and yummy! Can’t wait to order other treats! Happy Easter!” ~Theresa R, Jacksonville FL, April 2017

“Found this great small bakery, they fulfilled a large order of Delicious cookies on short notice. The cookies were fabulous and everyone loved them. THANK YOU GLYKA SWEETS.” ~Carl T, San Rafael CA, March 2017

“The best melomakarona ever. Everything is delicious.” ~Paula P, East Lansing MI, December 2017

“I was in a fix to get some holiday cookie boxes for my companies vendors and Glyka Sweets really came through! I pretty much showed up, told them my budget, and within 45 minutes I had 12 beautifully wrapped cookie boxes ready. Their prices were amazing for the quality pastries they make.  Especially compared to some of the “cookie boutique” places in the area that were pretty much offering me 5-7 cookies in a pretty box for my budget.

If you are looking for something different from the other bakeries in the area definitely give them a try.  The quality,prices and fantastic pastries will have you coming back!” ~Eldon L, Reno NV, December 2016

“Wow, is this stuff good. I’ve been to Greece four times and once to Turkey, but Glyka makes the best baklava hands down. Nutty, not too sweet. We also stock up on paximadia which are like biscotti, only better.  Again, not too sweet.  It’s like pastry for adults. But if your sweet tooth is kicking in big time, then try the ravani. This is an extremely moist cake with citrus flavors. Amazing.” ~Alan F, San Rafael CA, March 2016

“We love Glyka Sweets… The Service is amazing .. The quality is outstanding.. It has become a favorite for our customers.. Achilleas thank you for everything… Your Fans… The Storehouse.” ~Anand P, San Francisco, CA, March 2016

“The best Greek sweets in the Bay Area!!! And made with quality ingredients.” ~Celia M, Novato CA, September 2015

“Excellent sweets- wonderful gift to bring to a party or any event.” ~Irene M, San Rafael CA, March 2015

“My family LOVES the sweets produced by Glyka-Sweets — especially the paximadia.  They are delicious!  It’s hard to find good Greek sweets, but these are excellent.  You won’t be disappointed.” ~Artemisia S, Coronado CA, June 2016

“I looove the Glyka-Sweets; they are authentic Greek recipes and they taste as my grandama’s in Greece!! I love dipping the moustokouloura and the paximadia in my coffee every day and the tsourekia we had they were just not enough!! It was time to have a place in Marin to buy our favorite Greek glyka-sweets! Thank you so much for bringing the smells of my home in Greece to my kitchen in CA :)” ~Eirini K, San Rafael CA, May 2013

“What a treat it is to have access to locally-made, all-natural, authentic Greek sweets in Marin!  These goodies are delicious, and Effie is so professional and delightful.  I would highly recommend Glyka Sweets for your next party, meeting – or just for yourself!” ~Maria N, San Francisco CA May 2013

“Finally original and authentic Greek pastries just like Yia Yia makes. Hand baked and in tradition, Glyka Sweets never disappoints. I keep a tray on hand to go with my coffee or serve with friends that drop by. I now bring assortment trays as hostess gifts instead of wine!  Glyka Sweets is my Go TO for every occasion. The best and 5 stars!” ~Karyn K, Novato CA, May 2013

“Delighted to find a place where you find a variety of delicious sweets and pastries. These home-made products are made for folks of all nationalities and all ages. Try them, you will not be disappointed.” ~Steven K, Fremont CA, May 2013

“Wow! What can I say. The cookies are DELICIOUS!!!!! I have tried greek cookies from a lot of different places and none of them can come close to GLYKA. I mean WOW!!!!! It reminds me of being in Greece.  If you want to experience real Greek Sweets… Then you need to order from GLYKA!!!!Shipping is fast and they come in a cute container. If you have allergies they have special menus. You have to try GLYKA. I would recommend GLYKA to anyone.” ~Sophia S, San Ramon CA, May 2013

“The cookies and specialty breads from Glyka Sweets are fantastic. Always consistently fresh and delicious, they are the closest in quality and flavor to those that my own Greek grandmother made! I frequently send Glyka Sweets to my family, friends and clients. All are thrilled to receive the delicious treats.” ~Patricia D, Novato CA, May 2013

“Glyka Sweets is a taste of Greece on a plate! They are delicious, hand made, cookies that will melt in your mouth and put a spell on you once you eat them. Effie the owner and baker of these fine delicacies, is a terrific person and is willing to work with anyones regular or special orders. They have a great assortment of different Greek cookies for you to try, even vegan! But a small warning, like potato chips, you cannot have just one. So if you truly want to try something authentic and made with love, try Glyka Sweets. You will not be disappointed!” ~Anna D, Novato CA, May 2013