Big Fat Greek Family Business

Greek Dessert PastriesTraditions and traditional tastes are the foundation of Glyká-Sweets. This family-owned and operated bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area uses tried and true family recipes handed down from Yiayiá Lilly (grandmother). Fueled by a drive to succeed and a deep pride of Greek culture, as well as the hope that Yiayiá Lilly is smiling from heaven, each member of the family brings their own creative element to the equation.

Much like a good recipe, the Fourakis family works together to drive Glyká-Sweets like butter, eggs, flour, and even grape molasses drive its line of traditional Greek cookies and pastries. Led by owner and baker Effie Fourakis and her oldest son Achilleas, sales and marketing, the Fourakis family has made it their mission to not only preserve traditional recipes, but also to unearth some of the lesser known pastries for Greeks and non-Greeks alike.

Offering technical, mechanical and engineering support to keep the bakery up-and-running are husband Vasilis (owner of California Space Organizers Inc, specializing in custom closets and cabinetry) and younger son Odysseas (a student at College of Marin). They also offer invaluable help in product tasting and development!

Daughter Elektra (a student at Dominican University of California) has developed her own baking line of delicious treats for dogs, Elektra’s Dog Treats, offering eight delicious flavors for your canine friends.

Our Greek cookies, pastries and breads are perfect for any occasion, diet, and palate. From our dairy-free and wheat-free options and classic recipes, Glyká-Sweets offers a wide variety of Greek pastries and desserts. For years, these Greek pastry recipes have made extra special treats.

For celebratory occasions such as weddings, baptisms, and nameday gatherings, try our Kourambiédes and Amygdalotá cookies. These classic Greek desserts are a must-have at any special occasion. Glyká-Sweets also offers delicious options including Koulourákia and Moustokoúloura cookies, perfect with coffee, tea, and milk.

We offer traditional Tsouréki bread at Easter and New Year’s and a loaf all year round. Specialty pastries like Baklavá and Ravaní are available by special order.

We recently added our All-American favorites to our menu! Try our classic Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter Cookies. Get in the holiday spirit with our Gingerbread and Shortbread Cookies! Enjoy our fun and fanciful Sugar Cookies!

Our goal is to share our family traditions with yours, while spreading the joy of Yiayiá Lilly’s Greek dessert recipes. If you have any additional questions about our Greek desserts, contact Glyká-Sweets today!


Three generations of bakers: Effie, Elektra and Yiayiá Lilly. While Effie bakes delicious Greek sweets for you, Elektra bakes delicious treats for your best friend: Elektra’s Dog Treats. Check it out, your pup will thank you for it!

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