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Greek Dessert PastriesAt Glyká-Sweets, we hand roll cookies and pastries in the traditional manner, with tender care and attention to detail. We make each batch of Glyká-Sweets’ cookies and pastries using Yiayiá Lilly’s original recipes, and with the freshest ingredients –just as she would pick, with no preservatives.

Our Greek desserts are perfect for any occasion, diet, and palate. From our dairy-free and gluten-free options and classic recipes, Glyká-Sweets offers a wide variety of Greek pastries and desserts. For years, these Greek pastry recipes have made extra special treats.

For celebratory occasions such as weddings, baptisms, and nameday gatherings, try our Kourambiédes and Amygdalotá cookies. These classic Greek desserts are a must-have at any special occasion. Glyká-Sweets also offers delicious options including Koulourákia and Moustokoúloura cookies, perfect with coffee, tea, and milk.

We offer traditional Tsouréki bread at Easter and New Year’s and a loaf all year round. Specialty pastries like Baklavá and Ravaní are available by special order.

Order our delicious cookies, pastries and breads online. For detailed information about each cookie and delicacy, visit our Place an Order section, where you can learn about the ingredients used in each cookie.

Our goal is to share our family traditions with yours, while spreading the joy of Yiayiá Lilly’s Greek dessert recipes. If you have any additional questions about our Greek desserts, contact Glyká-Sweets today!



Three generations of bakers: Effie, Elektra and Yiayiá Lilly. While Effie bakes delicious Greek sweets for you, Elektra bakes delicious treats for your best friend: Elektra’s Dog Treats. Check it out, your pup will thank you for it!

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